Seattle Jobs Now Available! No Experience? Doesn’t Matter!

Seattle Jobs Now Available! No Experience? Doesn’t Matter!

Refresh AMS is looking for dedicated individuals to join our team and make an impact on the Seattle Washington Construction Industry. We offer great benefits and perks, top notch salaries, a chance to grow your career and participate in exciting work-life balance initiatives!

Refresh AMS Ltd it’s hiring right now. New construction jobs for no experience laboreurs, engineers, mechanics, steel erector and executives jobs in construction industry. 

Employment is full time and permanent with competitive salaries. We are looking for new candidates over the World with USA and UK also working papers already done, if there is anything missing maybe our office can help, you don’t lose nothing if you ask. Refresh AMS agents are ready always to help you!

Are you looking for a new job?

Refresh Engineering has a variety of exciting construction jobs available to our local, state and national workforce. Our team is constantly growing and expanding, so the more people we have in any one department, the faster we can achieve our goals. 

Join and work with an established company with a growing presence in the Construction industry? Then come check out Refresh AMS! Our company is one of the top companies in the construction industry! Our quality of service and teamwork will take you far in the career. If you have had any experience working on the construction projects, then we can help you get ahead. You could start today as a laborer and go from there to a managerial position or even head of your own office department! Let us show you how much we can do for you! When you apply with Refresh AMS, we’ll help you get started! Be part of our team now.

Construction Jobs Available in Seattle Washington

Refresh AMS Company is expanding and we are looking for no experience labor, qualified people, excavation mechanics, mechanics, utility workers and other similar categories with strong experience and proven results. We are growing company which need people with excellent characteristics of commitment, enthusiasm for work, ability to work in difficult conditions under pressure, ability to make changes quickly and accurate understanding of the principles that influence business success. We are a small company with a big vision. Our goal is to fill a gap in the market. 

Your commitment will be rewarded with opportunities for professional development as you’ll have fun doing it! Sign up today!

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