The most iconic places to take a picture in Romania

The most iconic places to take a picture in Romania

Of course as in many other countries Bucharest as the capital is of worth a visit due to its epic old architecture. Additionally there are three main landscape attractions in Romania. First of all the river Danube, which flows through many countries until it ends in the Black Sea and offers nice opportunities for long exposure shots and reflections.

Secondly there are the Carpathian Mountains which are the second longest mountain chain after the Scandinavian Mountains in Europe and offer awesome possibilities for mountain scape photography. Finally there is the Black Sea with its beautiful coast which might attract attention to seascape photographers.

Travel tips for Romania

Several international airports are spread over the country. If you are traveling by car, you´ll need a special badge to use Romanian streets which can be bought when crossing the border. Additionally bear in mind that some roads are in bad condition and avoid driving in the dark because there might be unlighted slow vehicles or pedestrians on the road. Romania is part of the European Union, so you don´t need a visa if you are an european resident.

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