The First Approved Car in Romania that Runs on Water

The First Approved Car in Romania that Runs on Water

Florin Călăuz, from Baia Mare, installed a device on his Dacia car that allows him to travel 10,000 kilometers with just one full tank of diesel.

He made an invention based on water plus sodium hydroxide, and mounted the device on his car, a Dacia Logan.

“With a full tank, around 50-60 liters of diesel fuel can make the journey from Baia Mare to Constanta, round trip and back again to the seashore,” Florian Calauz told

He says that using one liter of water plus sodium hydroxide he traveled 10,000 kilometers. (Video below)

“We are talking about water plus sodium hydroxide. The device hydrolyzes water, produces hydrogen that goes to the intake manifold and oxygen will exit the exhaust pipe, reducing pollution.

Hydrogen by combustion develops a calorific power six times higher than any other fuel such as gasoline, diesel or LPG, thus increasing the power of the engine, reducing fuel consumption because hydrogen is used in combustion”, also declared the inventor Florian Guide.

Source: Info Alert

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