Branalyzer Low-cost alternative to Semrush and Similarweb

Branalyzer Low-cost alternative to Semrush and Similarweb

Branalyzer is the AI-based all-in-one tool that allows marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs to obtain detailed information on brands.
 is the AI-base all-in-one Brand Analysis Software. How much do your competitors spend on backlinks? What are their conversion rate, average order values, and revenue? What are their main SEO metrics? Don’t waste your time and money on different tools. Analyze in-depth your brand and the competitors to improve your online presence. Be curious!!!

Branalyzer Low-cost alternative to Semrush and Similarweb

👉 Who Uses It?

Marketing freelancers, agencies, and entrepreneurs can use Branalyzer to get depth information about what is happening on the internet.

🙏🏼 What’s Next?

Branalyzer is a feedback-driven company that is always looking to improve and refine our SAAS offering. So, you can be sure our product will be getting better and better every single day, with all the new features as seen in our roadmap here.

Low-cost alternative to Semrush, Similarweb,…


We are developing a Start-Ups and SaaS Database. Data includes monthly revenue, churn, customer acquisition cost, traffic, Team Size, company emails, and other important data points. We’ll release it soon.

We are developing Brand Keywords Ads. Paid keywords that pop up for the queried keyword in paid search results.

We have added more than 10.000 new media with backlink prices to our database. We are nearly reaching 100,000 media.

We have added the Bulk brand comparison so that we can compare at least 100 brands or domains.

Our AI categorizes billions of domains daily. We catch 76% more threats than competitors, and we catch them 5 days faster.

If you are a user of tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Alexa, or SimilarWeb, you will have been able to observe that for the same domain there may be different data and if you compare it with data from Google Analytics, even more so.

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