After many years the Empire State Building has changed its light

After many years the Empire State Building has changed its light

From the start of construction to modern day fame, the story of the Empire State Building is one you’ll never forget.

Intended to be the world’s first 100+ story building, construction of the Empire State Building began on March 17, 1930. Construction was completed in a record-breaking 1 year and 45 days.


The original location of the renowned Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Fifth Avenue is sold to Bethlehem Engineering Corporation for an estimated $20 million. In just a few years the building is demolished, becoming the site of the world’s most ambitious building project – the Empire State Building.

A defining feature of the New York City skyline since 1976, the Empire State Building lights have captured the world’s imagination for decades. We maintain a tradition of changing the color of the lights to recognize important occasions, holidays, and organizations throughout the year.

Since 2012, the building has used a state-of-the-art LED lighting system, capable of displaying more than 16 million colors. Visit our Youtube Channel to view some of our previous shows or click the link below to find out how you can become a lighting partner.

There’s plenty to discover about the World’s Most Famous Building, from its rich history to its unique design. Dive deeper into what makes this New York icon a can’t-miss experience.

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